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Interview With Denim Print Maker and Designer of Clockworks Press Co.

We attended the April 6, 2019 New York Denim Hangs and had the privilege of meeting some amazing New York City Denim designers and learning more about the history of denim and New York City’s place in denim history. This all took place in the amazing workshop of Slightly Alabama located at 350 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014.

Among the attendees was Holly E. Brown the owner, designer, and denim print maker of the amazing print company, Clockworks Press. We caught up with Holly who was kind enough to give us an interview.

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Empress of Virtue| Denim Revolution : Instagram| @EmpressofVirtue… : Facebook | @EmpressofVirtue : Twitter | @EmpressofVirtue

Clockworks Press Co. : Instagram | @Clockworkspress… : Facebook | @Clockworkspress… : Website | : You can also see this video of Clockworks Press studio blog at the following link, Click here

New York Denim Hangs : Instagram | @NYdenimhangs Bringing together New York’s denim lovers

Slightly Alabama : Instagram | @SlightlyAlabama… : Facebook | @SlightlyAlabama : Website | : About Slightly Alabama – “Slightly Alabama is a brand of leather goods founded in 2013 by Dana Glaeser. Operating as a small atelier, we produce limited quantity leather bags, wallets, belts, cases and accessories. Our products are designed and manufactured in our Ridgewood, NY studio where we focus on developing expertise in design through traditional techniques and processes.” Slightly Alabama carried other craftsman brands such as: Freenote Cloth ; L.G.R ; Gola ; Grifter ; The Alabama Sweet Tea Company ; Empire Apothecary

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5 Brands Better Than Levi’s (Women’s) by An Ex Levis Employee

Hey guys!

Not sure how many women follow this thread but I just went to a denim product knowledge event and learned a lot about other brands in the market that do way more for women than Levi’s does.

501’s are notorious for leaving gaps at the waist, being uncomfortable to wear, and bulging in random places. If you’re a true 100% denim girl check out Boyish Jeans ! They have the same worn-in look as a 501 and mold to your body overtime while also being softer and (imo) better fitting to your unique body. They also use 100% recycled denim with better fades and use 0 plastic!!

711 Skinnys are a staple for people who want a simple skinny without looking like a teenager. Today I discovered AG-ED Denim which accomplishes the cigarette skinny leg to a T. While maintaining the same silhouette as a 711, they use only 2% elastane (plastic) instead of mostly viscose and polyester. They also offer higher quality color washes and a greater variety of lengths for those looking for a true skinny or an ankle crop skinny.

For 311 wearers I learned about Good American which carries 00 all the way up to plus size denim meant for comfort. They tailor the features (pockets, distress) of their jeans to each individual size so the fit flatters you at any size. This jean is great for women with hips who need the waistline to move with them while also being on trend with crops and various styles. They even make maternity jeans! This brand has really got it down when it comes to high fashion that meets the demands of all shapes and sizes (but mostly on the petite side).

For altered / LVC/ high water/ straight legs fans, I recommend Mother produced and designed in Los Angeles. Unlike Levis, Mother delivers high fashion denim at a premium price due to still being woven and manufactured in the United States. Mother is identified for their chewed and step fray leg finishes, wide leg openings, and being one of the very first brands to ever incorporate the side racer stripe which you now see on many Levi’s. They carry a wider variety of straight legs, flares, kick flares, and bootcut than Levi’s and is definitely worth checking out if you prefer the boho relaxed vintage look.

Also a direct competitor to LVC / famous levi’s rivets, look no further than Rag & Bone. When it comes to quality this brand is all about details using materials from army manufacturers, to backyard grown indigo, maximum utility pockets, to strategically placed marks and accents. They carry low to super high rises that are true to style and don’t vary based on your size due to stretchy organic blends of EME (T400 Lycra), lyocell, and cotton while minimizing elastane that you find in nearly all Levis. Also check out the rest of the clothing on their site. They have more to offer than the basics Levis carries that are supposed to be high fashion.

Hope this helps spread the word that there’s hope for women who don’t fit into Levi’s!! I guarantee you the washes and materials on these brands will make it worth the price before you drop $100 on some plastic 🙂

Blog written by, Sydneyp92


Disclaimer: All credit for the content of this blog post is given to Sydneyp92 . Empress of Virtue’s only credit is that we seek be the curators of all things Denim and Jeans by supplying our own and compiling existing articles, blogs, excerpts, quotes, and fun facts written about Denim / Jeans in one place for your convenience.