Denim on denim is a trend celebrating the double denim look of the 80’s and 90’s. Fabrication and washes are the tastes of the authentic denim. Ring spun denim and red selvedge denim jeans are in great demand right now. You may even join Denim lovers groups affectionately called, “denim heads.”

As 2019 came around, women’s denim trends including women’s denim on denim fashion is in increasingly high demand. Detail, shape, and style are the main elements to look for. While raw denim is more main stream and most popular among men, women are joining the raw denim heads and putting their own stamp on the denim fashion industry.

Off the shoulder and the wrong buttoning make the look more stylish, feminine, with a little bit of street style. Patchwork denim and fringes and ripped off are basic touches to adding more design elements to denim which is appealing to female denim lovers. Other options to consider as a female denim lover are oversized jackets paired with skinny denim jeans, wide jeans, super tight and super long are options for sexy or boyish approaches. One piece of denim is not enough, add another piece and double it up. Complete your denim on denim look with a denim necklace or denim bracelet or denim earrings and you would have more than enhanced the trend and officially joined the denim revolution.

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