Striped Jeans – not the old stripe denim fabrics ! – seem to be picking up as denim trend and brands like 7 For All Mankind seem to be pushing this trend.

In a recent collection released online, the brand came out with some cool bold looks in side stripes mashing up perfect seems with dark and light colored jeans.  The stripe seams use chains, velvets, fringe hangs, shiny poly embroideries and even matching fabrics matching with up with dark and light colors. We think the trend seems cool for ladies who are bored with regular stuff and are looking for some exciting stuff !  The trend does add some life to the skinny jeans which were on their way down. Read more @ Denim and Jeans.


Denim High Waist Ankle Skinny with Double Burgundy Velvet Stripes in Black

Disclaimer: All credit for the content of this blog post is given to Denim & Jeans. Empress of Virtue’s only credit is that we seek be the curators of all things Denim and Jeans by supplying our own and compiling existing articles, blogs, excerpts, quotes, and fun facts written about Denim / Jeans in one place for your convenience.

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